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Polypap invented the Bouquett’O®’s patented aquapack.

We offer a complete line of containers and

all-in-one solutions : Bouquett’O®, Decobulle®, Speedbulle, Perfect’O and more.

Polypap’s carrying solutions combine practicality and beautiful design to highlight bouquets and plants in your store. You will save time with these ready-for-sale designs.

Carriers - Polypap product


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The Polypap team’s skill is evident in our extensive line of polypropylene, kraft, pearl, fiber, and tissue paper wraps. In addition to best-selling designs, we also update our collections based on the seasons and the latest trends.

Our team can also design custom cards, communication pieces and any other accessories you need. Let us put our creativity to work for you !

Personalization - Polypap product


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